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Vitamin B7 (H) D-Biotin

  Product Name Vitamin B7 (H) D-Biotin Biotin Structur formel C10H16N2O3S CAS 58-85-5 Molecular Weight 244.31 Origin China     Identified uses Pharma / Food/ Feed and Veterinary             Assa ...

α-Liponic acid (Alpha lipoic acid)

α-Liponic acid, more precisely (R)-lipoic acid, is a fatty acid that occurs as a coenzyme and component of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex in the mitochondria of almost all eukaryotes. The salts of lipoic acid are called lipoates. The two sulphu ...


Description: Resveratrol - also referred to as trans-3,5,4′-trihydroxystilbene - is an organic compound that occurs naturally in various plants. The compound belongs to the Stilbene derivatives and is a polyphenol - a secondary plant substance. Th ...

Vitamin D3

Description: The fat-soluble vitamin D takes over many tasks in our organism. For example, it strengthens the bones and has an influence on muscle strength. Vitamin D is converted by synthesis from 7-dehydrocholesterol in the body. This requires suf ...


Description: Inositol can be produced by the body itself from glucose and is therefore not considered essential. Inositol is mainly found in nuts, beans, wheat and wheat germ as well as in oranges. It occurs mainly in the form of phytates. If they a ...


Description: Natural sources of resveratrol are grapes, raspberries, mulberries, plums, peanuts, and the Japanese knotweed. Above all, however, the red grape seems to have an increased proportion of this active ingredient. In numerous test series a ...

Vitamin A Palmitate 1.7 m. IU/g

Vitamin A Palmitate hat in den letzten Jahren großes Interesse geweckt, da es aktiv für dieBehandlung alternder Haut in der Schönheitspflege sorgt. Kosmetische Formulierungen werden sehr viel stabiler. Vitamin A Palmitate fördert die Enzymakti ...

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Lipacide C8G

- Lipacide sind Lipoaminosäuren - Reinigender Hautschutz - Hautsäurungsmittel - Regulator des Ökosystems der Haut - Ideal für empfindliche Haut - Formulierungen ohne Konservierungsstoffe Dateien auf Anfrage.

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Description: Squalene (C30H50) is an organic molecule, a triterpene produced by all higher organisms. It also plays a role in the human metabolism. Squalene is found in high concentrations in the liver of some shark species, such as the liver of the ...

Vitamin D3

Description: In order for bones and teeth to remain stable, calcium is required, which is stored as calcium phosphate. Vitamin D plays an important role in this process. It regulates the calcium and phosphate metabolism, supports the absorption of c ...