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Vitamin A Acid

OTHER NAME:Tretinoin     INCI NAME: Vitamin A AcidCAS No. : 302-79-4CHEMICAL NAME: 3,7-dimethly-9-(2,6-trimethly-1-cylohexane)-2,4,6,8-pelartetaenoic acidMOLECULAR FORMULA: C20H28O2       MOLECULAR WEIGHT:  300.44 SPECIFICATION:  Appe ...

Water Soluble Vitamin E Nicotinate

INCI NAME: Tocopheryl Nicotinate / PPG-30 / Polyether-70SPECIFICATION: Appearance: Yellowish liquid Clarity of solution: 5% water solution should be clarity Relative density: 1.020~1.090 Refractive index: 1.480~1.493 Burn residue: ≤0. ...

Water Soluble Vitamin E Acetate

INCI NAME: Tocopheryl Acetate  SPECIFICATION: Characters: Straw color or turbid liquid Clarity of solution: 5% water solution should be clarity Relative density: 1.016~1.096 Refraction index: 1.480~1.490 Freezing point: 10~16℃ Heavy me ...

Pyridoxine Dipalmitate (Vitamin B6 Dipalmitate)

CHEMICAL NAME: Hexadecanoic acid methyl]-4-pyridinyl]methyl ester INCI NAME: Pyridoxine DipalmitateCAS No.: 635-38-1MOLECULAR FORMULA: C40 H71 N O5           MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 646.01 SPECIFI ...

Ethyl Ascorbic Acid

STRUCTURAL FORMULA:  INCI NAME: Ethyl Ascorbic AcidCHEMICAL NAME: 3-O-Ethyl-L-ascorbic acidCAS No. :  86404-04-8MOLECULAR FORMULA: C8H12O6MOLECULAR WEIGHT:204.18SPECIFICATION:   Appearance: White or almost white crystal powder Solubility: Ea ...

Vitamin A Palmitate

STRUCTURAL FORMULA: INCI NAME: Retinyl PalmitateCAS No.: 79-81-2EINECS/ELINCS No: 201-228-5MOLECULAR FORMULA: C36H60O2         MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 524.87SPECIFICATION:   Characters: Yellow, liquid, oily, may crystallize on prolonged stora ...

Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid (TUDCA)

Molecular Formula: C26H45NO6SCAS NO.: 14605-22-2Appearance: White Crystal Powder Main Benefits:Liver protection Applied industries:Dietary supplement, Medicine

BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acid)

CAS NO.: 69430-36-0Specification: 1:1:1, 1:2:1Synonyms: Branched-Chain Amino AcidAppearance: White Crystal Powder Main Benefits:Exercise usage, Gaining muscle mass, Anabolic effect Applied industries:Dietary supplement, Medicine

L-Arginine-L-Pyroglutamate (APG)

Molecular Formula: C11H21N5O5CAS NO.: 56265-06-6Synonyms: Arginine pidolate, Pirglutargine, Arginine pyroglutamateAppearance: White Crystal Powder Main Benefits:Improve memory and learning, Cognitive enhancer Applied industries:Dietary suppleme ...

Glycinamide Hydrochloride (Glycinamide Hydrochloride)

Molecular Formula: C2H7ClN2OCAS NO.: 1668-10-6Synonyms: GlycinamideAppearance: White Crystalline Powder Main Benefits:Improving for Memory Applied industries:Dietary supplement, Medicine