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Aprikosenkernöl kbA

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Organic Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil is extracted from the flowers of the Camomile plant, which is very popular as a flowering plant. The health benefits of chamomile oil can be attributed to its properties as an antispasmodic, antiseptic, antibiotic, antidepressant, anti- ...


Mittelkettiges Mono- / Diglycerid mit hoher Lösungskapazität. Co-Emulgator für O/W-Emulsionen. Geeignet für Mikroemulsionen (HLB 8-9) USP / NF flüssig

Caprylic / Capric Triglycerides

Neutrale, stabile Wirkstoffträger für: Oral: Kapselfüllmassen (Träger und Lösungsmittel), Spray, Tropfen, Säfte Dermal: Hautöl, elastifizierend, schuppenauflösend. Cremes, Lotionen, Gele, Medizinische Bäder, Augensalbe, Nasen-/ Ohrentropfen. ...

Butylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate

Dünnflüssiges, spreitendes Öl, für empfindliche Haut, hauptsächlich Kosmetika. farblos, ca.11 mPa.s

Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/ Dicaprate

Sehr dünnflüssiges, spreitendes, neutrales, stabiles Öl. Dermal: Cremes, Lotionen, Kopfhautbehandlung, medizinische Bäder. EP / USP / NF / JCIC / JSFA farblos, ca. 10 mPa.s

Organic Coriander Oil

Coriander seed is considered one of the earliest spices in the world. It is used for culinary and medical purposes because of its strong, sweet aroma and fresh vibe, coriander oil is also a valued ingredient in perfumes and soaps. Coriander seed oil ...

Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter

CAS #: 999999-99-4 Physical Properties: Appearance Light tan fatOdor Mild sweet odorSaponification Value (mg KOH/g) 188 - 198Iodine Value (gI2/100g) 33 - 42Melting Range (°C) 32 - 36Insoluble In WaterSoluble In Cosmetic Esters (hot)Vegetable Oil ( ...

Organic Olive Oil

Aryan Provides, 100% organic olive oil which helps maintain cholesterol levels already in the healthy range. Organic oil is popular cooking oil and is usually used for salads, dressings, dips etc. Our Certfied Olive oil is cold-pressed from certified ...

Organic Sesame Oil

Organic Sesame oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds. Sesame oil is traditional oil that has been used in various cultures around the world for at least 5000 years. Sesame oil is not only a rich source of protein but it also helps ...