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Luviquat PQ 11 AT 1

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Ätzkali KOH

Ätzkali in Schuppen 1474 Materialnummer 10001500 CAS 1310-58-3 Hergestellt im Membranverfahren

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Yogurt Hydrolysate SF

Derived from essential yogurt proteins in a hydrolyzed form this material provides both functional and nourishing properties. With a molecular weight ranging between 2 – 4 KDa, this yogurt protein can increase skin hydration. Additionally, this pro ...

Plant Keratin PF

A natural complex of hydrolyzed proteins derived from corn, soybeans and wheat with a molecular weight of approximately 1.5 – 2 KDa. When combined, these proteins can enhance moisturisation and conditioning properties. Additionally, this material p ...

Silk Hydrolysate PF

Made from amino acids including serine, alanine and glycine silk can be hydrolyzed just like any other protein. Typically used for improving moisturisation, elasticity and firmness it also creates a soft, silky feel on the skin and hair. This product ...

Wheat Hydrolysate PF

This hydrolyzed wheat protein is water-soluble with strong moisture binding properties and a relatively neutral pH to prevent skin irritation. With a molecular weight of approximately 2 KDa this hydrolyzed protein has excellent film-forming propertie ...

Milk Hydrolysate SF

Composed of hydrolyzed milk proteins with a molecular weight of approximately 2– 4 KDa. The proteins are broken down using proteolytic enzymes to give enhanced functional and nutritional properties. Hydrolyzed milk protein is essential for increasi ...

Keratin Hydrolysate OS

A reaction product of Coconut Fatty Acids and hydrolyzed keratin obtained from sheep’s wool; as such it is highly lipophilic. This material can provide substantive conditioning as well as moisturisation. An ideal ingredient for intensive oil based ...

Cashmere Protein PF

Cashmere is synonymous with luxury and comfort. The natural fibre is broken down into peptide sequences through enzymatic hydrolysis. The resulting product has an average molecular weight of 2 KDa. The hydrolyzed fibre is highly hygroscopic and there ...

Fucus vesiculosus Seaweed extract

Developed to provide a botanical and functional replacement mimicking animal gelatine by utilising fractions of Fucus vesiculosus Seaweed. Fucus vesiculosus cell walls are rich in polyguluronate subunits. It is this arrangement of these carbohydrate ...