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American ginseng P.E.

English name:American ginseng P.E. Latin Name: Panax quinquefolium L.Active ingredients:saponinsSpecification:total saponins> 20%HPLC(ginsenoside-Rb1 >8%) total saponins> 30%HPLC(ginsenoside-Rb1 >10%) total saponins> 60%HPLC(ginsenoside-Rb ...


English name:Fucoxanthin Specification:10%,20%, 50%CAS No.:3351-86-8Use Part:Widely in various algae, Marine phytoplankton, aquatic crustaceansAppearance:Yellow brown to brown green powderMesh size:80 MeshTest Method:UV Main Functions:1> With simil ...

Passion Flower Extract

1.Product Introduction: Product Name: Passion Flower ExtractProduct Specification :Flavonoids 3%, 4%; 4:1, 10:1Part used:whole herbActive ingredient:Flavone by UVAppearance:Yellow-brown fine powder 2.Packaging&Storage:Packing:1kg/bag;25kg/fiberboard ...

Fructus Piperis Extract

English name: Fructus Piperis P.E. Latin Name: Fructus EvodiaeSpecification: 10:1Use Part: seedAppearance: brown powderMesh size: 80 MeshTest Method: TLC Main Functions:1> used in dissolving phlegm 2> used in stomach cold and vomiting3> used i ...

Taraxacum mongolium Extract

English name: Taraxacum mongolium Extract Latin Name: Taraxacum offcinale Wigg.CAS No.:Molecular Formula: C15H14O3Active ingredients: Flavonoids, TaraxasterolSpecification: Taraxacum mongolium Extract 10:1 Use Part : Whole HerbAppearance: Brown ...

the root bark of white mulberry P.E.

English name: the root bark of white mulberry P.E.Latin Name: Cortex MoriSpecification: 10:1,20:1Use Part: root barkAppearance: brown powderMesh size: 80 MeshTest Method: TLC Main Functions:1> purging the lung of pathogenic fire, relieving asth ...

Adhesive Rehmannia Root Tuber Extract

English name: Adhesive Rehmannia Root Tuber Extract Latin Name: Adhesive Rehmannia Root Tuber ExtractSpecification: 4:1,10:1,20:1Use Part: root Appearance: brown powderMesh size: 80 MeshTest Method: TLC Main Functions:1> Removing hea ...

Geranium Extract

Project                     Contents Latin name               Pelargonium hortorum Part Used                 Flower Specification           5:1 10:1 20:1 Test method            TLC Function  1. Improve ...