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Hydrolyzed Sponge

Specification: A. Sponge spicule powder : White Powder Grade A : least impurity, least broken spicules 98% Sponge Spicule (100-180mesh) Can be used as single/key ingredient, with auxiliary agents for face cream, lotion, and liquid B. Sponge s ...


Tongkat Ali Extract

Specification: Pure powder(not extract) 10:1  100:1 200:1 1% Eurycomanone HPLC 6% Eurycomanone HPLC   Raw material: Malaysia  

Turmeric Extract 95% Curcuminoids HPLC

Product Name: Turmeric Extract Latin Name: Curcuma longa L. Specifications: 95% Curcuminoids HPLC (CP & USP) 10% Curcuminoids HPLC (Water soluble) MOQ: 10kgLeadtime: 1-3 working daysProduction capacity: above 150 tons per yearPAH, Pesticides, He ...


Botanical Source: Sophora alopecuroides L.Other names: Baptitoxine, SophorinePart Used: Whole herbCAS No.: 485-35-8Molecular Formula: C11H14N2OMolecular Weight: 190.24Appearance: White or slightly yellowish crystalline powderSpecification: 98%, 99% ...

Epimedium Extract

Epimedium ExtractBotanical Source: Epimedium Brevicornum LPart Used: Stem & LeafCAS No.: 489-32-7Appearance: Brown fine powderSpecification: Icariin 5%~ 98% HPLCMany cultures report that horny goat weed (epimedium) supports libido, erectile functio ...

Nicotinamide Riboside

Nicotinamide RibosideOther Names: 1-(β-D-Ribofuranosyl)nicotinamide; N-RibosylnicotinamideCAS No.: 1341-23-7Molecular Formula: C11H15N2O5+Molecular Weight: 255.25Appearance: liquidFunction:Nicotinamide riboside is a pyridine-nucleoside precursor t ...

Kava Kava Extract

Kava Kava ExtractBotanical Source: Piper methyticum L.Part Used: RootCAS No.: 9000-38-8 Molecular Formula: C21H26N2O3Molecular Weight: 274.269Specification: Kavalactones 30% by HPLCKava's active principal ingredients are the kavalactones, of which ...

Maslinic Acid

Product Name: Maslinic acidBotanical Source: Olea europaea L.Part used: FruitSpecification: Maslinic acid 1%-45% HPLCCAS No.: 4373-41-5Molecular Formula: C30H48O4 Molecular Weight: 472.7Synonyms: Crategolic Acid;2α-Hydroxyoleanoic AcidFormal Name: ...

Coenzyme Q10 / CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10Botanical Source: UbidecarenoneOther name: Ubidecarenone, UBIQUINONE-10, Q10CAS No. : 303-98-0Standard: EP.6 / USP 34Specification: 98%~101% by HPLCCoenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 or ubiquinone) has a low risk of side effects and it is an essential ...

Ivy Extract

Ivy ExtractCommon Name: common ivyBotanical Source: Hvedera helix L.Plant Part Used: LeafCAS No.: 84082-54-2Specification: Hederacosid C 10%, 20% by HPLC;Ivy is most widely used today as a natural treatment for respiratory tract congestion. It is a ...