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Product Name: Synephrine

Synonym: Sympathol, Oxedrine 


CAS: 1994-7-5

Chemical Name: Benxenemethanli,4-hydroxy-a-[(methylamino)methyl]

Molecular Formula: C9H13NO2

Molecular Weight: 167.20 

Botanical Source: citrus aurantium L. dried young fruit[4-6]; evodiarutaecarpa (juss.) benth. Racemate[7]; coryphantha ramillosa cutak, full plant; C. macromeris var. runyonii ( R.) L.benson full plant[8]; Dolichothele uberiformis (zucc.) br. Er R. plenty of levo form and a few racemate. [2]

Physical Property:  

   -   Apperence & M.P. : crystalline; M.P. : 184-185℃; hydrochloride crystalline, M.P. : 188-189℃ (partial resolve); Hydrochloride, colorless crystalline (ethanol- aether), M.P.: 166-167℃,[a]-52℃(c=7.6mg/ml,absolute metanol

  -   Solubility: freely soluble in water, hardly soluble in ethanol, practically insoluble in chloroform and aether.

Indication: Synephrine has been recorded in NEP and GP. As epinephrine α-receptor cordial, also has certain excitatory effect on heart β-receptor. Actions on vasoconstriction and blood pressure increasing. It has significant effect on tracheal and bronchial expansion. Intravenous injection to cat will lead to bronchial constriction caused by histamine. The same effect to cavy’s in vitro trachea. Toxicity: hypodermic injection to cavy with strong tartrate at LD50 800mg/kg.It is used for the treatment of hypotension, prostration, shock, postural hypotension etc. which caused by bronchial asthma operation and anesthetization. Moreover, synephrine combined with N-methyl tyramine has a significant effect on anti-shock in medical and pediatrics. Cases: 23 medical treatment with conspicuous effect of 22; 23cases of rescuing pediatric infectious shock, 1case of cod liver oil poisoning, better effect of blood pressure increasing, total effective rate of 92%.

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