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Oyster polysaccharide

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Product Name:Oyster polysaccharide 


Product description:

English Name:Pleurotus polysaccharide

Latin   Name:Pleurotus ostreatus(Jacq-exFr.)Quel.

Also name cap fungus, Pleurotus contain abundant nutrition material, each 100g contain 20-30g protein, and complete amino acid.Pleureotus has the function of dispel cold, relax and activate the tendons.Albumen polysaccharides of pleurotus has strength restrain function of anti-cancer, buildup immunity function of human body. long use can improve metabolism of human body, adjust function of plant neural, and also can decrease blood serum cholesterin of human body, depress blood pressure, prevention and cure hepatitis, gastric ulcer, duodenum ulcer, high blood pressure. It can be use sauce, fast noodle season, chaffy dish, puffed food, meat, season pack, deep fry good, drink etc.

Quality Parameter:

Appearance:Yellow powder,Readily absorbing moisture

Polysaccharide (UV):10%,30%,40%

Water-solubility:100% solubility , limpidity solution

Physical & Chemical Control:Loss on Drying <8%,Ash <5%,100% Pass 80 mesh,Heavy Metal <20ppm,As<1ppm, Pb<2ppm

Microbiological:Total Plate Count <1000 Cfu/g,Yeast & Mould <25 Cfu/g,Salmonella、E.Coli 、Staphylococcus   Negative

Packing:25kg/Drum(40*60cm),Pack in paper-drums and  plastic-bags inside, Al-bags outside 。And we can packing according to your request. Shelf life:24 month 

Storage:In cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.

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