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Naringin Dihydrochalcone

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[English Name]: Naringin Dihydrochalcone
[Active Constituent]: Naringin Dihydrochalcone
[CAS NO.]: 20702-77-6
[Formula]: C28H36O15
[Molecular Weight]: 612.58
[Specification]: 98%
[Test Method]: HPLC
[Product Properties]: Off-White Powder
[Place of Origin]: Shaanxi, China
[Product Resource]: Fruit of Citrus Aurantium L.
[Packing]: 25KG/Paper Drum (Diameter 37cm, Height 50cm)
[Storage]: Store in cool and dry place and keep away from strong direct light and heat
[Shelf Life]: 24 months when properly stored
[Process Flow]: Fruit of Citrus Aurantium L→Solvent extraction→Concentration→Purification→Spray drying.

1. As a new sweetener, Naringin dihydrochalcone is 500~700 times as sweet as sucrose. It has a high sweetness, low calorific value, non-toxic and safe which can
be used in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
2.Due to its refreshing taste and aftertaste lasting, with a special fragrance, with excellent shielding effectiveness of bitterness, naringin dihydro chalcone
particularly suitable for dairy products, fats and oils, frozen foods, processed vegetables, jelly, jam, non-alcoholic beverages, chewing gum, toothpaste and
buccal tablets.

Applied in the Pharmaceutical area.
Applied in the Health product area.
Applied in the Food supplement area.

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