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Aloe vera Extract

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[English Name]: Aloe vera Extract
[Active Constituent]: Aloin
[Specification]: 20%-98% Aloin
[Test Method]: HPLC
[Product Properties]: Brown yellow to yellow powder
[Place of Origin]: Shaanxi, China
[Product Resource]: Extract from leaf of the Aloe Vera L
[Packing]: 25KG/Paper Drum (Diameter 37cm, Height 50cm)
[Storage]: Store in cool and dry place and keep away from strong direct light and heat
[Shelf Life]: 24 months when properly stored
[Process Flow]:Aloe vera→Solvent extraction→Concentration→Purification→Spray drying
1. As extract from high quality of Aloe Barbadensis, Aloe Vera Extract contains many ingredients that can control cell growth and differentiation anti-
infection , stimulate white blood cells and other immune cells growing and promote callus composition, etc;
2. In cosmetic application, it has the function of nutrition moisture sun protection anti-inflammatory, hair care etc;
3. In food and health area, it has the effect of bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, improving immune, reducing blood fat,blood sugar and blood
pressure, improving the circulatory system, preventing digestive system diseases, increasing appetite and improving sleep quality, etc.
Applied in the Pharmaceutical area.
Applied in the Health product area.
Applied in the Food supplement area.

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