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Yacon Syrup 60% FOS

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Product Name: Yacon Syrup 60% FOS

Botanical Source Polymnia sonchifolia (Poep et Endl.)
Family Asteraceae
Origin Brazil
Irradiation Free
GMO Free
BSE Free

Assay Limits/ Specification Test Method
Appearance Liquid Visual
Color Yellowish Visual
Odor Characteristic Ph Eur. 7th
Taste Characteristic Organoleptic
Solubility Soluble in water Physical
Density NLT 1.200 Ph Eur. 7th
pH(25oC): 4.0 0.50 Ph Eur. 7th
Arsenic Less than 3ppm ICP-MS
Cadmium Less than 1ppm ICP-MS
Mercury Less than 0.1ppm ICP-MS
Lead Less than 3ppm ICP-MS
Total Plate Count < 3000 cfu/g AOAC
Yeast and Molds < 100 cfu/g AOAC
Escherichia coli Absent/ g AOAC
Salmonella sp Absent/ g AOAC
Total Coliforms <10 cfu/ g AOAC
STORAGE: Store in a cool and dry place, away from strong and direct light.
SHELF LIFE: One year from date of manufacture, when properly stored.
REFERENCE: A.O.A.C Official Methods of Analysis (990.12/991.14) and European Pharmacopoeia 7th Edition, 2002


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