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Sweet Tea Extract (Rubusoside)

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Botanical Name: Rubus Suavissimus S. Lee
Raw Material: sweet tea leaves
Specs: 70%,80% rubusoside by HPLC
Appearance: Light yellow fine powder

Sweet tea, a new variety of Rosaceae Rubus L. plant, has been found as medicine on early 80s last century in China. Sweet tea leaf is commonly known as Chinese Blackberry, has a long history in usability such as replacing sugar, invigorate the kidney,and anti-hypertension.

Rubusoside is the main active ingredient of Sweet Tea Extract which is a kind of natural sweetener. The sweet taste from the leaf is attributed to the presence of diterpene glucosides, dominated by the major sweet principle rubusoside.Rubusoside is a Diterpene Glycoside,composing of steviol and glucoside,lower energy but higher sweet,300 times than sugar. Rubusoside has a slightly bitter after taste, but it is about 115 times sweeter than sucrose at a concentration of 0.025%, making it a good candidate for a natural sweetener. Widely used for food, drink, cold snack, condiment, medicine, cosmetic because its environment and health effect.

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