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Radix Sophorae Flavescescentis.P.E

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Product Name: Radix Sophorae Flavescescentis.P.E



Appearance: white powder

Detection Method:HPLC

1.Skin Care Role: insecticide, Sophora bath can remove coke under hot and humid, and insecticidal itching, itching of the skin have a good role in mitigation, plant herbs to balance oil secretion, clear and astringent, clear the skin of toxins impurities rich herbal nutrition, promote the growth of nerve cells damaged blood vessels and repair and restore the skin capillaries cell viability, compact and smooth skin reproduce, played the role of skin care.

2.Liters of white effects: matrine and oxymatrine significantly Shengbai effect on leukocyte cyclophosphamide, X-rays and cobalt irradiation caused a significant decrease in therapeutic effect.

3.Anti-inflammatory effect: matrine on croton oil ear edema in mice caused by acetic acid-induced mouse peritoneal exudate increase of rat carrageenan footpad swelling, was inhibited.

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