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Organic Kale Cabbage Powder

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Product name Organic Kale Cabbage Powder

Appearance Bright green powder


Organic kelp is rich in vitamins such as VA, VB1, VB2, VC and other minerals, calcium, iron and potassium minerals, especially rich in chlorophyll, γ-aminobutyric acid, folic acid and other nutrients.


1. Contains vitamins is to maintain the normal growth of the human body must be indispensable compounds in the body from the catalytic role in promoting the synthesis and degradation of major nutrients to control metabolism.

2. Contains chlorophyll can prevent anemia, promote the body's metabolism and cell waste discharge.

3. Contains vitamin A, can maintain eye and skin health, improve night blindness, rough skin condition.

4. Calcium easy to absorb, is to add the body of calcium ideal health food;

5. Rich in potassium, the prevention of stroke, lower blood pressure, protect the heart has a very good effect;

6. 100 grams of fresh kale cabbage contains only 209 joules of calories, is the ideal food to lose weight;

7. Kale has "anti-cancer vegetables" reputation, rich selenium for the protection of cardiovascular and myocardial health and anti-cancer anti-cancer have a very good effect;

8. Containing Pre-SOD, Pre-SOD and other strong antioxidant substances, can protect cells from free radical damage; Pre-SOD on cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney disease, diabetes, cancer prevention and treatment have a very good effect;

9. Containing fructose, can promote the body to absorb magnesium, zinc, copper and other minerals, promote bone formation, help urination, improve constipation and inhibit tooth decay.

Storage Store in cool and dry place and avoid light and heat.

Packing 10kg carton or 25kg cardboard drum. 2.5 kg / bag, vacuum bag

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