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[Product Name ]:Cytisine

[English Name ]:Cytisine
[Specifications ]:98%
[Test ]:HPLC
[Appearance ]:off-white crystal powder
[CAS No.;]:485-35-8
[Molecular formula]:C11H14N2O
[Molecular Weight]:190.27

1> Cnidium extract osthole for sexual enhancement, better libido, and improved performance and stamina in men and women2> Improves intelligence and memory, prevents Alzheimers disease3> Prevents bones loosen, improves bones strength4> Anti-mutagenesis, anti-cancer5> Antivirus, Anti-bacterial and antipruritic, improves eczema and dermatitis
Applicable Industries:Medicine

Application scope: .
1> The role of the respiratory system: the role of broom base similar to nicotine on respiration, reflex excited to breathe. Intravenous injection of 0.02mg/kg or 1.5mg/kg shares when the cats were anesthetized with a strong excitement respiration while heartbeat, blood pressure rose sharply, then with the disappearance of the excitatory effects of breathing quickly returned to normal. Respiration 0.01mg/kg dose of excitement, not only was higher than the dose of lobelia with alkali, and over 5 times (0.3mg/kg) doses of lobelia base still strong.2> Pressure effects on the brain circulation: injection of 0.1mg/kg in the cat's carotid artery, the pressure effect on the cerebral circulation produced. The effect can be inhibited by PgE1 or PgE2, which were reinforced by indomethacin.
3> 0.15% broom clinical is use for muscle alkaline aqueous solution or intravenous; rescue operation wound, war injuries asphyxiating agent, cyanide-type agents, anesthetics and other reflections caused by poisoning and infectious diseases of apnea when breathing and heart failure and vascular activities .of shock, collapse status and neonatal asphyxia.

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