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Berberine hydrochloride,Berberine HCL 97%

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Spezifische Informationen
INCI / chemischer Name:
Berberine HCL
Verfügbarkeit und Verpackung
cardboard drum
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cardboard drum
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Berberine hydrochloride,Berberine HCL

Botanical Source: Phellodendri Chinensis

Berberine hcl 97% Titration

Part of used: Bark


M.F.: C20H18NO4.Cl

Molecular Mass: 407.85

Apperance: Yellow crystal powder

Description of Berberine hydrochloride,Berberine HCL

Berberine Hydrochloride is an alkaloid derived from goldthread, bark of cork tree and other plants. It can be also synthesized in artificial method. It is used as raw material to make preparations, which are usually administered the treatment of intestinal infections and bacillary dysentery. Recently usage of anti-arrhythmic was found. Berberine Hydrochloride has effect on intestinal infections, bacillary dysentery.

As a traditional medicine or dietary supplement, berberine has showed some activity against fungal infections, Candida albicans, yeast, parasites, and bacterial/viral infections.Berberine seems to exert synergistic effects with fluconazole even in drug-resistant Candida albicans infections. Some research has  been undertaken into  possible use against MRSA infection; Berberine is considered an ineffective antibiotic.However, when applied in vitro and in combination with methoxyhydnocarpin, an inhibitor of multidrug resistance pumps, berberine inhibits growth of Staphylococcus aureus; Berberine is a component of some eye drop formulations. There is some evidence that it is useful in the treatment of trachoma,and it has been a standard treatment for leishmaniasis.Berberine prevents and supresses proinflammatory cytokines, E-selectin, and genes,  and increases adiponectin expression  which partly explains its versatile health effects. Berberine is a nucleic acid-binding isoquinolone  alkaloid with wide potential therapeutic properties.

Function of Berberine hydrochloride,Berberine HCL

1.Berberine hydrochloride has the function of removing heat and damp, relieving fire and eliminating toxins;

2. Berberine hydrochloride with the function of relaxing vascular smooth muscle and exciting other smooth muscle, such as bladder muscle, bronchial muscle and gastrointestinal muscle.

3.Berberine hydrochloride with the function of antimicrobial and antibacterial.

4.Berberine hydrochloride primarily for the treatment of bacillary dysentery, pulmonary abscess, brucellosis, acute tonsillitis, maxillary sinusitis, oral and maxillofacial inflammation embolism.

Application of Berberine hydrochloride,Berberine HCL

1.It can be used as capsule, compound medicines, medicine;

2.functional food, cosmetics, and other industries.

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