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Curcuma Extract

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Project                    Contents

Latin name              Curcuma longa L.

Part Used                 Stem&Root

Specification            98% Curcumin

Test method            HPLC


1, protect the cardiovascular curcumin has proven to be a very good antioxidant, the antioxidant capacity of approximately 10 times more vitamin E, it can effectively reduce the chance of blood vessel oxidized LDL (LDL-cholesterol), decrease excessive oxidized form of LDL card in the vessel wall to reduce the chance of atherosclerosis. Furthermore, curcumin also inhibit platelet aggregation function, so that the relatively smooth flow throughout the vessel; Overall, curcumin for cardiovascular protection is contributing However, this has to remind people taking anticoagulants, If you want to take high doses of curcumin to be especially careful blood coagulation problems can not be, if only to eat curry, curcumin concentration fierce little high, do not have to worry about.

2, anti-Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's disease, also known as senile dementia, mainly because of the brain neurotransmitters signal a problem, but why nerve conduction problem? May be the flash of β-amyloid deposition in brain synapses, or brain cells caused by dying and long-term studies confirm Gang oxidative stress, curcumin can inhibit β-amyloid plaques form amyloid accumulation, curcumin and excellent antioxidant ability to protect brain cells Free attack on free radicals. Accordingly, curcumin is to delay or prevent Alzheimer's disease progression important plant nutrient, to encourage elderly eat curry or curcumin supplements.

3, anti-cancer, anti-cancer found that many animal experiments: curcumin can inhibit the chemical carcinogen-induced cancer process; in addition, curcumin can inhibit the growth of tumor cells; some experiments have found that curcumin can be selectively kill cancer cells. Therefore, the current cell carcinoma of curcumin in preventing and treating cancer has two significant research progress, curcumin will be the future anti-cancer, cancer of the stars of tomorrow.

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