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Bitter Melon Powder (Momordica charantia L.)

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The plant bitter melon belongs to the family cucuritaceae and is commonly known as bitter melon. Bitter melon grows in tropical and subtropic areas, including parts of East Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America, where it is used as a food as well as a medicine. It produces beautiful flowers and prickly fruit. The fruit of this plant lives up to its name it tastes bitter. Although the seeds, leaves, and vines of bitter melon have all been used, the fruit is the safest and most prevalent part of the plant used medicinally. The juice of the leaves and fruit or seeds is used as an anthelmintic. In Brazil, the dose for anthelmintic use is two or three seeds. The immature fruit of M. Charantia tastes bitter due to the cucurbitacius. Cucurbitacius is comprised of a group of triterpenes including momordicosides, A-E, K, L, and momardicius I, II and III. The roots and fruit are used as an abortifacient.


Other Name: Fresh Bitter Melon Powder
Plant Part Used: Fruit
Method: Water/Enthanol
Appearance: Light Green Fine Powder
Grade: Pharmaceutical and Food Grade

Main Function:

1. Bitter melon powder can drain away the heat of the heart and expel toxins from the body;
2. Bitter melon powder can strengthen cortex vitality, make the skin delicate and healthy;
3. Bitter melon powder can managing blood sugar levels and diabetes,regulate blood sugar level;
4. Bitter melon powder can treating skin conditions including eczema, scabies and psoriasis;
5. Bitter melon powder can antiviral,lowering inflammation and raising immunity;
6. Bitter melon powder can raise liver blood, embellish of spleen kidney;
7. Bitter melon powder can loss weight, it has fat absorption function.


1. It applied in food field;
2. It applied in health product field;
3. It applied in pharmaceutical field;
4. It applied in cosmetic field.

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