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Pumpkin Powder (Cucurbita moschata Duch. ex Poiret)

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Other Name: Dried Pumpkin Powder
Part Used: Fruit
Appearence: Yellow Powder
Active Ingredient: Protein
Loss on drying: ≤5%
Shelf Life: 2 Years


Pumpkin is a kind of health care vegetable, which contains rich nourishments and has considerably nutritional and medicinal value.

Pumpkin powder is selected from Hainan fresh pumpkin,made by the world's most advanced spray-drying technology and processing, which keeps its nutrition and aroma of fresh pumpkin well.

Pumpkin powder is rich in carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, carotene, pectin, and potassium, iron, magnesium and other trace elements, in addition to citrulline, arginine and some enzymes on the human body Very useful, fat content is very low. It has a protective effect on insulin cells, can make diabetic patients with blood pressure, blood sugar decreased, followed by pumpkin powder pectin can delay the intestinal absorption of sugar and lipid, and in the removal of heavy metals and some pesticides, and can help Liver and kidney function to enhance the ability of liver and kidney cells to regenerate. In addition pumpkin powder contains a large number of SOJ factor, with longevity, beauty beauty, skin lucrative, especially for women have beauty, weight loss effect.

Main Function:

1. Pumpkin powder is rich in citrulline, which can expel parasites such as roundworm, insect pest, ginger worm and Schistosoma japonicum.
2. Antioxidant, protect eyesight, pumpkin powder rich in vitamins and carotene has anti-aging, protect the role of vision, long-term consumption of pumpkin powder can maintain good eyesight.
3.It can help to moisture the skin, is indeed a good beauty food for women.
4.Lower blood pressure,sleep better,lower the blood sugar.


1. Applied in Food field;
2. Applied in Cosmetic field;
3. Applied in Pharmaceutical field.

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