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Banaba Leaf Extract

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Banaba Leaf Extract
Botanical Soure: Lagerstroemia Speciosa L.
CAS No.: 4547-24-4
Plant Part Used: Leaf
Appearance: Light yellow or white powder
Specification: Corosolic acid 1%~98% by HPLC

Banaba extract comes from the leaf of Lagerstroemia Speciosa. The main active ingredient is corosolic acid,a terpenoid compound known to stimulate glucose transport across cell membranes. Leaves of the plant Lagerstroemia speciosa have been used as a folk medicine for treatment of diabetes and kidney diseases.

Balancing blood sugar, Anti-diabetic: Its ability to lower blood sugar is attributed to its corosolic acid, a triterpenoid glycoside, belived to facilitate glucose-transport into cells.
Weight loss: A kind of common ingredient in weight-loss supplements and products as a metabolic enhancer.
Promote healthy kidney function and prevent cell membrane lipid oxidation.
Controlling appetite and food craving,especially carbohydrate cravings;
Corosolic Acid is believed to be beneficial in treating type 2 diabetes because it may possess the ability to reduce glucose levels.
Used in the treatment of blood pressure, renal and immune system benefits. The hypoglycemic effect of banaba leaf extract is similar to that of insulin which induces glucose transport from the blood into body cells.

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