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Triacontanol (Oryza sativa L., Bran)

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CAS No.: 593-50-0
Other Name: Melissyl alcohol
Specification: 40%, 50%, 95% Triacontanol


Triacontanol has been recognized as a prominent chemical for plant growth promotion. Triacontanol is a 30 carbon containing alcohol having a molecular weight of 438 which is synthesized in plants. Its efficiency is proved for high yield in the case of number of field crops like barely, rice, tomatoes, maize, lettuce, cucumber, potatoes, cauliflower, chillies, etc. In this modified process, different solvent is used for the extraction of sugarcane press mud.

Main Function:

1. Increases flowering;
2. Reduces flower and fruit drop;
3. Improves quality and yield of produce.;
4. Improves photosynthetic activity in crop plants;
5. Protects flower and fruit, improves fruit setting ratio;
6. Helps in better root development leading to effective utilization of nutrients;
7. Promotes seed germination, improves the germination rate and germination potential.

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