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Spirulina Extract (Algae)

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Part Used: Leaf
CAS No.: 724424-92-4
Specification: Protein 60%
Appearance: Deep green powder


Spirulina can be contaminated with toxic substances called microcystins, and also absorb heavy metals if any are present in the water where it is grown. Spirulina consists primarily of proteins and contains all the amino acids that our bodies need. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and active components that promote good health. Spirulina is completely safe to consume. Its safety as a food stuff has been demonstrated through centuries of human consumption and verified through the use of strict toxicology studies.

Main Function:

1. Spirulina will effectively lowers the blood pressure;
2. Beneficial intestinal flora is increased which improves digestion;
3. The antioxidant properties of spirulina significantly decrease the risk of cancer;
4. Promotes healthy levels of cholesterol resulting in improved cardiovascular function;
5. Spirulina can reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing inflammation within the body;
6. Restores natural body weight by satisfying the body’s need for complete and genuine nutrition;
7. Contains antibiotic, anti-infective and ant-viral properties which stimulate the immmune system powerfully.

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