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Sesame Extract (Sesamum indicum DC.)

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Part Used: Seed,100% Natural
CAS No.: 607-80-7
Specifications: Sesamin 10%~98%, Sesamin lignans.


Sesamin is a naturally occurring lignan that is present in sesame seed and pure sesame oil. Besides being a strong antioxidant, sesamin has shown great promise as a lipid oxidizer as well as to support anti-inflammatory action. Sesamin being a magic component in sesame seeds represents strong antioxidant in life body, can low blood pressure.


1. Liver guard: Sesamin inhibits the conversion of DGLA to arachidonic acid, and consequently decreases the formation of pro-inflammatory 2-series prostaglandins;
2. Anti-oxidant: Sesamin helps protect blood vessels by scavenging free radicals & ensuring efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery for healthy brain function;
3. Anti-hypertension: Sesamin induces nitric oxide & decreases endothelin-1 production in HUVEC, possible implication for its antihypertensive effect;
4. Skin protection: The experiments in rats shows that sesamin can inhibit the growth of skin cancer cell. It can protect skin from UV rays.

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