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Garlic oil

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Botanical Source: Allium Sativum L.
Part Used: Bulb,100% Natural
CAS No.: 8000-78-0
Specification: 1%, 3%, 20%, 25%, 60%, 98% Allicin

Allicin is the special material of garlic, a bright amber and transparent liquid, it is garlic sulfide extract that is very helpful for human health and cardiovascular health as the most important material.This product extracts a unique allicin from natural garlic, which is a excellent natural antibacterial agent to prevent the flu, promote digestion, enhance immunity, and improve body constitution.

Remove acne for less infection;
Powerful antiseptic function, especially for the infection of the lungs, stomach and microbial;
Regulate blood sugar, lower diabetes attack with rate of the cancer of the stomach attack reduced the 30% and 50%;
Absorbed Fat to clear bowl and the poison of blood in the body and eliminate impurities;
Against a fever, headache, cough, sore throat and a stuffy nose, symptoms of a cold;
Reduce cholesterol and blood lipid, enhance hemal flexibility and lower blood pressure, reduce platelet clumping and heart attack;

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