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Black Soybean Hull Extract (Glycine max (L.).Merr.)

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Plant Part Used: Seed Coat / Shell, 100% Natural
Appearance: Fine Dark Violet Powder
Active Ingredients: Anthocyanidins 5%-25% UV; Anthocyanins 5%-25% HPLC.


Black Soy Bean is original from the northeastern part of China and have been cultivate all over the country. Black soybean hull also called Black soybean coat, is the coat of leguminous plants seed, the color is Black or brown. Black beans are widely used for improving skin and keeping a healthy diet. Both beans also contain isoflavones (like soy) and have an abundance of essential amino acids, Vitamin E, saponins, and other nutritional components. The most important nutritional aspect is that they capture an abundance of Vitamin E in their black skin, which protects the beans' nutritional value.

Main Functions:

1. Anti-oxidant; Protect liver;
2. Improve visual sensation;
3. Heat-clearing and detoxifying;
4. Improve blood circulation, enrich the blood and dispel wind;
5. Used in treatment of menopause syndrome.

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