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Caffeic Acid (Solidago virgaurea L.)

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Chemical name: 2-Propenoic acid, 3-(3,4-dihydroxy-phenyl)
CAS No.: 331-39-5
Specification: Caffeic acid 98% ~ 99% 


Caffeic acid has been shown to inhibit carcinogenesis, although other experiments show possible carcinogenic effects. It is also known as an antioxidant in vitro & vivo. Caffeic acid shows immunomodulatory and antiinflammtory activity.

Caffeic acid outperformed the other antioxidants, reducing aflatoxin production by more than 95%. The studies are the first to show that oxidative stress that would otherwise rigger or enhance aspergillus flavus aflatoxin production can be stymied by caffeic acid. This opens the door to using natural antifungicide methods by supplementing trees with antioxidants. Another study also showed that CAPE suppresses acute immune and inflammatory responses and holds promise for therapeutic uses to reduce inflammation.

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