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Horsetail Extract (Equistum Arvense L.)

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Plant Part Used: Stem and Leaf
CAS No.: 71011-23-9
Specification: 7% Organic Silica by UV; 4:1; 10:1


Horsetail Extract is extracted from the stems and leaves of Equistum Arvense. It is valued for its high content of mineral, especially Silica which makes it of value in promoting healing and new growth in connective tissue: Osteoporosis, Arthritis, cartilage degeneration, lung, skin, and kidney tissue degeneration.

Organic Silica, which has a good action on diuresis (helps rid the body of excess fluid by increasing urine output) and can restrain infection and discharges. Horsetail has been suggested as a treatment for osteoporosis (thinning bone), because it contains silicon, a mineral needed for bone health.


1. It has particular diuretic activity and hemostatic action;
2. It has the function of treating diabetes and Chronic bronchitis;
3. Prevent osteoporosis, Helpful to Arthritis and atherosclerosis;
4. Stop the bleeding of wounds and promote rapid healing.


1. Applied in food additives and health product area.
2. Applied in pharmaceuticals field, which used for toxic heat indicates, extravasated blood coagulation of liver cancer, disease see liver area stabbing pain,abdominal distension, jaundice, nosebleed, also used in heart arteries and veins and blood stasis resistance, obstruction of pain, liver Yang syndrome, dizziness and epistaxis, haemoptysis, hematochezia, etc.

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