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Theaflavin (Camellia sinensis O. Ktze.)

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Part Used: Leaf
CAS No.: 4670-05-7
Specification: Theaflavins 25%, 40%, 60% ;


Theaflavin can lower the level of LDL cholesterol and raise the level of HDL cholesterol. Theaflavins are bioflavonoids that are produced when green tea ferments and changes into black or oolong tea. Bioflavonoids are effective antioxidants found in many plants. A group of flavonoids in green tea are known as catechins, which are quickly absorbed into the body and are thought to contribute to some of the potential health benefits of tea.

Functions & Applications:

Many catechins are transformed into theaflavins during tea manufacturing. Evidence suggests that theaflavins may have benefits not only for cardiovascular health, but also for cancer, the immune system, metabolism, and diabetes. To get the level of theaflavins shown to reduce cholesterol from drinking tea, a person would need to drink 35 cups of tea, every day.

Theaflavins are orange red substances that contribute significantly to the astringency, briskness, brightness and colour of the tea beverage. This extract is quite a lot more expensive to produce than other tea extracts such as the catechins found in green tea. As a result supplements containing reasonable levels of theaflavins are still quite uncommon.

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