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Natural sources of resveratrol are grapes, raspberries, mulberries, plums, peanuts, and the Japanese knotweed. Above all, however, the red grape seems to have an increased proportion of this active ingredient. In numerous test series a connection between UV radiation and the concentration of resveratrol has been established, especially in the skin of the grape. This suggests that resveratrol has a protective function. So far, no side effects have been observed with resveratrol. Only at the very high dosage of 5g per day did abdominal pain and digestive problems occur in volunteers. At present, an optimal dosage of about 500mg is assumed, which is considerably less and has not yet caused any side effects. Apart from the absence of an effect, there is no risk associated with taking Resveratrol.


1. antioxidant
2. anti-aging
3. Anti flammable

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