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Squalene (C30H50) is an organic molecule, a triterpene produced by all higher organisms. It also plays a role in the human metabolism. Squalene is found in high concentrations in the liver of some shark species, such as the liver of the Bartel dogfish widespread on all the world's oceans (40-90%). It is also found in olive oil (0.1-0.7%) and other vegetable oils, such as wheat germ oil or rice oil (less than 0.03%).

Squalene lowers cholesterol levels in the blood (lowers LDL and increases HDL). Laboratory tests have confirmed the cholesterol-lowering properties of squalene and have also led pharmacologists to add statin drugs (drugs to lower cholesterol levels) to squalene.

Squalene in skin diseases: UV-B radiation is a source of free radicals and potential skin damage such as skin cancer (melanoma), other possible consequences are suppression of the immune system and allergies. Squalene protects the skin from premature aging and effectively combats the free radicals caused by the sun's UV radiation.

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