About us

Chem2Market is the innovative marketplace for the procurement of raw materials in chemistry, cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industry. We are aiming at direct networking of raw material producers and processing industries at - Prices can be significantly reduced. Chem2Market GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 2012 by Dr. Christiane Strasse and Dirk Brauns.

Today more than 60,000 raw materials and blends are available.

Chem2Market is an international online B2B trading platform where companies can trade their raw materials for cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. Companies can offer raw materials and ingredients on the platform. Additionally, they can provide valuable raw materials that are no longer needed in production and avoid disposal costs.

Since 2015, Chem2Market has also invented a trading trading unit as customers have increasingly want to buy directly from Chem2Market.

The Chem2Market network in the raw materials and ingredients market can satisfy a wide range of requirements. The combination of regular goods and residue quantities is unique in the market.

Focus is to deliver highest quality - regarding the quality of the products as well as handling, documentation and service.

In addition this also helps to avoid of superfluous transport routes. As a result, many tons of CO2 emissions can be saved each year.

This was based on the idea of ​​making raw materials and ingredients supply  more sustainable, flexible, faster and more transparent.

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