Terms and Conditions
1. Scope

  1. The Chem2Market GmbH, Hamburg Commercial Register, HRB 125193 operates an Internet platform that acts as a marketplace to exchange information and business contacts in the business-to-business trading under
  2. On the platform, users may choose to offer and demand offers, requests and other information for the purpose of establishment of business relationships.
  3. Chem2Market simply provides the platform and is not a party to contracts of sale between users.
  4. Chem2Market reserves the right to adjust the supply of technical progress and new legal circumstances. In this context, existing functionalities can be changed or extended, but also obsolete functionality to disable or restrict. The users' interests are taken into account accordingly.


2. Registration

  1. To publish content, such as Offers and requests, registration is required. Registration is free.
  2. Users must be merchants within the meaning of the German Commercial Code. Chem2Market shall require each user to establish whether the use of conditions are met.
  3. Each individual should be as user legally competent and age.
  4. It is C2M reserved to exclude any time members and providers due to security concerns. This does not require giving a reason. Thus, there is no time to be entitled to the use of C2M.
  5. These Terms and beyond to changes that may be given to his attention, the user during the registration acknowledges. In the event of a change in the terms and conditions as shall be notified to the user in text form, the user can object to this and thus terminate the usage ratio. Serves no contradiction, the new terms and conditions shall be considered accepted.
  6. The user acknowledges that a 100% availability of Chem2Market range is technically impossible to achieve. park tries to keep the Chem2Market offer available without interruption. In particular, maintenance, security or capacity issues and events that are not in the sphere of Chem2Market, can lead to short-term disruptions or temporary interruptions of the services on the Chem2Market offer.


3. Use of the platform

  1. The user undertakes to protect his access from unauthorized access by third parties. C2M must be immediately informed if misuse of your account credentials are present
  2. Users are able to offer products and publish Sales and Wanted. Products must be specified with a concrete name and description as well as price. The reference to Best Offers are allowed. Not allowed are references to homepage and e-mail addresses in all published content. Excluded are advertisements that are posted separately.


4. Obligations of the User

  1. Users are obliged to publish only truthful information and content and to keep this information during the lifetime of accurate and complete;
  2. not to publish illegal or unlawful content;
  3. ensure that the public reproduction of the content transmitted by him (esp. Photos and logos) is permitted by applicable law,
  4. to publish only seriously meant contents
  5. undue harassment of other users, particularly with spam and making or promoting anti-competitive practices, including progressive customer acquisition (such as chain or pyramid schemes) to refrain;
  6. exclusively for the management of own shops to use information obtained in the form of questions or published content; in particular, is a further exploitation, regardless of the purpose, is not permitted; any breach of this Chem2Market entitled to compensation;
  7. Users agree to only publish and trade products that comply with the legal regulations of the country.


5. Rights and obligations of Chem2Market

  1. Chem2Market accepts no liability for set of user-generated content. Chem2Market is entitled, without giving any reason, refuse to publish content.
  2. Chem2Market does not check whether the set of the User Content violated rights of third parties. The user is responsible for the admissibility of the content posted by him self, and that not infringe any third party rights, in particular copyright, competition and criminal law.
  3. The user is hereby Chem2Market from all claims asserted by third parties due to a violation of their rights by the contents posted by the user against Chem2Market law.
  4. C2M is entitled to verify the identity of users and their offer content and to demand proof of delivery.
  5. Chem2Market is entitled to set on the platform content to block temporarily or permanently, to take from the mains, or modify them so that they do not infringe the rights of third parties or to deliver the required cease and desist, if Chem2Market on for a content that a user the platform has been set, used by third parties for cessation services.
  6. C2M is entitled to exclude users without giving reasons from trading on the platform or partially restricting it in functions and to change contents of the user.
  7. Setting an offer on the platform is not a binding offer for a purchase contract. The visitors are engaged through various channels with the seller in contact (phone, fax, order request function or e-mail contact). By e-mail the seller will transmit the important data of the interested parties by C2M.
  8. The Pictures are Sample Images.


6. Prices and Memberships

  1. Described on the product pages are normally quoted in EURO, unless otherwise indicated, plus freight for delivery from the factory or warehouse, plus the customer to wear VAT at the statutory level.
  2. The C2M offer also includes services of specified duration and power at a fixed price. These services are not bound to a membership and requires no notice.


7. Delivery

  1. Delivery will be made after consultation with the seller of the product
  2. Information on delivery times arrange directly with the seller.


8. Payment

  1. Payment shall be made either by debit / debit collection, invoice or credit card via Pay Pal.
  2. A right of set off is available only if your claims are legally established in court or are undisputed or acknowledged in writing by us.
  3. You can create a lien only if the claims from the same contractual relationship.
  4. all products are subject to prior sale


9. Retention of title

Until full payment the goods remain the property of the provider.


10. Privacy Policy

It is the privacy statements of C2M GmbH in their current version.


11. Termination

All subscriptions must be canceled 4 weeks before the end of the term. The notice must be in writing. Chem2Market also reserves the right to terminate the contract without observing the notice periods for good cause. Good cause shall esp. Insolvency, application for the opening, misrepresentation of material facts or breach of essential contractual obligations. In the absence of written notice, then the contract is automatically extended by the pre-existing contract term.


12. Warranty and liability

Chem2Market makes no warranty for the reproduced from the usage information or statements made by him. It is not liable for the breach of duty of a user with respect to any other user due concluded between those contracts.

If Chem2Market accordance with the statutory provisions are liable, the following applies:

User claims for damages are excluded. This excludes claims for damages of the user from injury to life, body or health or from the violation of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) as well as liability for other damages based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by Chem2Market, his legal representatives or agents , Material contractual obligations are those whose performance to achieve the objective of the contract is necessary.

In case of breach of fundamental contractual obligations Chem2Market is only liable for the typical, foreseeable damage unless it was caused by simple negligence, unless there is damage claims by the user from injury to life, body or health.

The limitations of para. 1 and 2 also apply to the legal representatives and agents of Chem2Market, if claims are asserted directly against them.

The provisions of the Product Liability Act remain unaffected.

13. Final Provisions

Changes and additions to a contract including amendments of this clause shall be in writing. Verbal agreements do not exist.

Terms and conditions of the user are not part of the contract. Ordered the user with reference to its respective general terms and conditions, these general terms and conditions are only part of the contract, if this Chem2Market previously confirmed in writing.

If any provision of contract be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The Parties undertake to complete a resulting gap with a valid provision that the economic sense and purpose of the invalid provision or of the contract as closely as possible in its regulations.

Performance is the seat of C2M. The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising between the parties out of the contractual relationship is Hamburg, unless the user is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or public special fund. Exclusively on the contract subject to German law excluding the UN sales law and private international law.