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Rice Bran Protein

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Minimum Order Quantity: 10 0
1000 available. // The Price refers to the MOQ: It might scale down at larger Quantities

General Information
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Product Name: rice bran protein

Product Specifications: Protein ≥ 80%

Product appearance: light yellow or off-white powder

Arsenic: ≤0.2mg / kg

Lead: ≤ 0.2mg / kg

Mercury: ≤0.02mg / kg

Cadmium: ≤ 0.2mg / kg

Loss on drying: ≤ 5%

The total number of bacteria: ≤ 1000cfu / kg

Escherichia coli: ≤ 40 cfu / kg

Mold: ≤ 25cfu / g

Yeast: ≤ 25cfu / g

Pathogen: Not detected

Packing: 2.5kg double vacuum bag; 25kg cardboard drum

Product introduction and application:

The crude rice bran protein contains eight kinds of essential amino acids, and the content of lysine is higher, and the content of lysine is higher than that of high quality food. 2.0, nutritional value and eggs, milk comparable to the digestibility of up to 90%.

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