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Oleanolic acid

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English name: Oleanolic acid
CAS No.:508-02-1
Molecular Formula: C30H48O3
Molecular Weight:456.71
Appearance:light yellow
Active ingredients: Oleanolic acid
Specification:98% by HPLC
Use Part : Leaf
Appearance: light yellow to white
Mesh size: Pass 80 Mesh
Test Method: titration

1.Tonifying liver and kidney
2.Improve eyesight
3.Treat poliosis, gastropathie, gout, hyperuricemia
4.Anti-inflammation, cancer
5.Strengthen immunity

1. Inhibition of Tumor Promotion in skin.
2. Hair Growth Stimulant.
3. Antimicrobial Activity.
4. Anti-Inflammatory Activity.
5. Skin and hair beauty.

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