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1.Product Introduction

Product Name:Allicin

Specificayion: Food grade 0.2% 1%

Appearance:white floating powder with strong garlic smell

Main component: [(CH2=CHCH2)2S3



1) Prohibiting ans killing harmful germs

2) Stimulating animal`s appetite

3) Detoxicating and keep healthy

4) Resisting moulds and insects efficiently to keep environment sanitary matweial longer

5) Improving quality of meat,milk and egg be raised obviously.It could reduce fishy smell and make meat and eggs more delicious and tasty

6)Specially good effect for festered gill,reddish skin,bleed and enteritis caused by various infection

7) Reducing cholesterol

8) It is a refill of antibiotic as well as the best additive for producing nuisance free fodder



It is suitable for poultry, fish, shimp, crab and turtle


Storage: Keep it in cool dry place

Package: 25kg/bag  25kg/drum

Shelf life:24 months

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