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Fenugreek Seed Extract,Fenugreek Total Saponins 50%

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Fenugreek Seed Extract,Fenugreek Total Saponins

Latin Name: Trigonella foenum-graecum

Part used: Fenugreek Seed

Specification: 50% UV-VIS

Appearance: Brown Powder

Solubility: Water Soluble

CAS NO.: 55056-80-9

Efficacy: Supplements Ingredient, Feed Additive

Description of Fenugreek Seed Extract,Fenugreek Total Saponins

Fenugreek total saponins exist in the plants of fenugreek seed; it could increase the test. level of body by stimulating the body to produce luteinizing hormone and dehydroepiandrosterone. It has been used to treat sexual dysfunction, and to stimulate the muscle growth. Both effects are due to its effect of increasing the test. levels. The present study indicates that its main components, Furostanol saponins,formerly diosgenin saponin, plays a decisive role in the active ingredient. Aerobics athletes found that after taking the fenugreek saponins, their appetite had been improved. That is considered to be a good thing for those people who want to increase their weight.

Function of Fenugreek Seed Extract,Fenugreek Total Saponins

1.Stimulate and improve sexual performance by enhancing the level of hormones

2. Enhance muscle building.

Application of Fenugreek Seed Extract,Fenugreek Total Saponins

1.Regulate blood sugar and promote body building

2.Reduce cholesterin and protect heart

3.Bulk laxative and lubricates the intestines

4.Good for eyes and help with asthma and sinus problems

Different specifications of Fenugreek Seed Extract

Fenugreek Seed Extract Purity


5%~40% HPLC

Furostanol Saponins

50%,70% UV-VIS

Fenugreek Total Saponins

50% UV-VIS

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