Service Supplier Management /Search

What are we offering you?
- We analyze the market of raw material manufacturers for your business, in Europe and worldwide
- We compare and negotiate prices, quality and availability for you
- We research and recommend alternative raw materials
- We manage your suppliers

Which situation makes ist suitable to take advantage of our service?
- If a commodity prices are volatile or inceasing
- If availability is not reliable
- If the procurement market is intransparent
- If you want to develop new products / market segments
- If you want to change formulations or are looking for alternative raw materials
- If you want to reduce dependencies on specific suppliers

How do we run a project?
- We analyze the situation of your company together with you
- We define the scope of our consulting needed
- We work closely with your purchase / R & D / department
- We continue to report / present by appointment on a weekly basis / if we assume negotiations, including ad hoc
- We absorbed that our know-how is incorporated into your business.

What are the benefits?
- We are independent
- We have an excellent view of the market
- You as a customer can remain anonymous in the negotiation and bidding phase