About us

Chem2Market is the innovative online B2B marketplace for the procurement of raw materials and ingredients in chemistry, cosmetics, food and dietary supplements, animal feed and pharmaceuticals. The purpose is connecting producers of raw materials and ingredients directly with procurement on www.chem2market.com - this not only helps to reduce prices significantly - also quality can can improve, transport routes can be shortened or saved.

The background was the idea of trading raw materials and ingredients more sustainably, flexibly, quickly and transparently.

Producers and distributors can offer their raw materials and ingredients on the marketplace. In addition, they can directly sell valuable raw materials that they no longer need. Instead of disposal costs, revenues can be generated. So many tons of CO2 emissions can be saved annually.

With the Chem2Market network in the raw materials market, also very diverse demands can be covered quickly and flexibly. The combination of regular goods and excess stock is unique in the market. The quality is in the foreground - this applies to the quality of the products as well as processing, documentation and service.

Chem2Market GmbH was founded in 2012 by Dr. Christiane Strasse and Dirk Brauns in Hamburg.

Contact us via phone: +49 40 80 79 60 10 oder email: info@chem2market.com