About us

Chem2Market is the innovative online B2B marketplace for the procurement of raw materials and ingredients for the chemical industry, Cosmetics, food and food supplements, animal feed as well as for pharmaceutical and technical purposes. The market place offers a space in which the trade with chemical raw materials and ingredients is transparent and easy to understand. and is clearly arranged. Chem2Market acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers and makes sure that that business transactions are conducted fairly and transparently. The vision: Trade of raw materials and ingredients more sustainable, more flexible, faster and above all more transparent. The strategy: All product information necessary for a decision is to be made available for input and sellers must be transparent. An important component of this is quality assurance both of the information provided as well as the moderation of the communication between the market participants.

Products that can be traded on the marketplace

Each individual product is represented by an advertisement on the marketplace. You can therefore not present product lists. The product information includes a general product description, but also specific information about the batch, specifications or availability. It must also be indicated whether the goods are regular goods, a surplus stock or out-of-spec stock. Minimum order quantities and prices are also relevant.

Regular raw materials and ingredients

Producers or Distributors can use the marketplace as an additional sales channel.


On the marketplace, in addition to regular raw materials and ingredients, you can also post your surplus stock for sale. This is so far unique in the industry. Valuable raw materials that are no longer needed can be advertised and sold directly. This way they can be reused, which not only saves on disposal costs, but also generates revenues. Often only small quantities of a raw material are needed, minimum purchase quantities are too high. Buyers can solve the problem by selling the unused quantities as overstock on the marketplace. Chem2Market thus not only solves an existing problem for both perspectives, but also makes a significant contribution towards the sustainable use of valuable raw materials and resources in the industry.

Necessary product information

The motto here is - the more the better. A lot of accurate information about the product increases the probability of sale and transparency. This creates security and trust. From general information to batch, INCI, CAS number or condition of the raw material, everything can be specified. Documents such as specifications, certificates of analysis or technical data sheets should also be uploaded. Also important is information about delivery conditions, active ingredients and their percentages, colour, solubility and country of origin. Other names and synonyms can also be included, which also increases visibility in the marketplace. The delivery area, Information about dangerous goods and other relevant information and estimated delivery time should also be indicated.

Tags (keywords) & categories

To post a product it must be assigned to a category. Functions or properties of the raw material can be specified by tags at a later stage. Here, the specification of several tags is possible.

Prices; negotiations

raw materials can be set with prices (recommended). As on every market place, negotiations about prices are possible. This is then marked with the abbreviation VB”. The price negotiations take place in direct contact with the provider via the platform.

Chem2Market works on a commission basis. A 5% commission on the sales price is charged for a transaction (excluding shipping costs). This commission is paid by the seller, so it must be taken into account in the selling price. It is also possible to place products without price. IMPORTANT: All prices are to be understood ex works. Transport, customs, Taxes and all other additional costs are to be agreed upon individually after the order.


Product ads with images are more often viewed as those without visual support. The desired motif is e.g. the plant origin, the product as such or a packaging. Products with a logo or similar cannot be activated.

Labelling of branded products

Branded products on the marketplace must be marked as such. The symbols ™, ® or © are simply inserted after the name of the product.

In this way the participants can immediately recognize that the product is a branded product. In addition to transparency, this also serves to secure the brand rights.

Quality assurance

As mediators, it is important to us to represent and fulfil the interests and expectations of both parties. Our goal is to build trust and security in our actions.

In the course of quality assurance, all product advertisements and messages are checked for reliability and completeness. These are then either activated or rejected. A refusal is justified and suggestions for improvement are made. The communication between buyers and sellers is also moderated. Thus we can protect all users of the market place from dubious inquiries and messages.

Usage - for Buyers

Free registration: The registration on the marketplace is free of charge. After registration and confirmation of your e-mail address you can start!

Checkout: If you have found a raw material you want to buy, you can add it to your shopping cart and buy it. Please note: Only when the seller agrees to the sale of the product, a legally binding contract is concluded. The seller can also refuse the purchase of the product.

If you are missing information, you can request it using the message function. In addition, you can discuss pricing ideas if the commodity is designated as a negotiable product.

We want to make the search for the right raw material as easy as possible for you. Therefore, in addition to the regular search there is the function “Submit request&quo; if a resource is not offered on the marketplace. This will be published on the market place after examination. The buyer remains anonymous until he receives an offer.

The application must be understood as a product advertisement. Here you place a product request instead of a product offer. This gives providers the opportunity to react directly to their request with the appropriate product.

Additionally, you can also set a private notification through the Product Search Agent to inform you of a new release of a specific product.

Usage - for Producers and Resellers

Free registration: The registration on the marketplace is free of charge for you. After registration and confirmation of your e-mail address you can start!

Set products: Instructions on how to set up products can be found here: https://lnkd.in/dMC84Zi. Only after the verification by our admins the product will be activated. The menu item "Necessary product information" offers orientation.

Commission-based work: The use of the marketplace is free of charge. If the transaction is successful, a commission of 5% on the value of the goods is charged, which has to be taken into account in the selling price.

Labelling of branded products: Branded products can be offered on our marketplace as excess stock or new goods. The marking of the brand is required. The symbols ™, ® or © are inserted after the name of the product.