The rule here is - the more precise the better.

Everything from a general product description to batch, INCI, CAS number or condition of the raw material can be specified. Documents such as certificates of analysis, specifications or technical data sheets can also be uploaded. Important is information about delivery conditions, active ingredients and its percentages, color, solubility and country of origin as well as the delivery area, references to dangerous goods, storage location and expected delivery time should be indicated.


In order to post a product it must be assigned to a category. Functions or properties of the raw material can be specified later by tags. It is possible to specify more than one tag here.

Prices & Negotiations

Raw materials are listed with prices. All prices are ex works. Transport, customs, taxes and all other additional costs are to be agreed individually after the order.

As in any marketplace, price negotiations for raw materials are possible. These are then marked with the abbreviation "NEG". Price negotiations take place via the platform in direct contact with the supplier.

Chem2Market works commission-based. In a transaction, 5% commission is charged on the sales price (excluding shipping costs). The commission has to be taken into account by the seller when setting the price.


Each product advertisement includes a visual support. The motive could be the herbal origin, the product as such or a packaging. Pictures where other company information or logos can be seen cannot be activated.

Labeling of branded products

Branded products in the marketplace must be labeled as such. The symbols ™, ® or © are simply inserted after the name of the product. In this way, it is immediately recognizable to participants that the product is a branded product. In addition to transparency, this also serves to secure trademark rights.