Retinol/ Adenosine/Hydroxypropyl cyclodextri

Specific Information
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Character: Yellow to brownish red liquid
Solubility: Easy dissolve in water
PH: 4~7 (1% water solution)
Heavy metals: ≤0.002%
Retinol Content, IU/g: 62000~65000

Microbiological Test:
Bacteria: ≤300CPU
Fungi: ≤100CPU

Reference addition: 0.5~2%
Validity: 2years

It is a good anti-ageing ingredient but also a stable, safe, non-irritating products. It promote the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers, fade the pigments, make skin tender and brightening, and is safe to use.
USE: can be used in oil in water cream and water-based products. After the cream formed and was under 50℃, add this product into it and disturb it for 5 min.

Package: Packing in carton, inner sealed with 1kg*10 or 5kg*2 plasticbottles.

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Available quantity: 5000 Kg
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