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What distinguishes the Lucuma fruit from other fruit varieties is not only its extremely high and valuable nutrient content, it also has a relatively high calorie content. But the health benefits Lucuma can offer clearly outweigh the benefits. It provides ingredients such as: Iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphate and beta carotene. Lucuma also contains numerous minerals, antioxidants and B vitamins, which are particularly beneficial for the immune system and cell protection. Beta-carotene is not only responsible for the red-yellow colour of the fruit, it is also extremely important for the production and growth of our cells and the maintenance of the immune system. Beta-carotene is otherwise found in carrots, apricots or peppers. Iron, on the other hand, promotes the formation of red blood cells. A fresh Lucuma, which one looks for here however in vain, supplies scarcely 350 calories per 100 gram.

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